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Bionic Commando

For Bionic Commando I designed and built several of the games singleplayer levels. Below are screenshots and short descriptions for some of the levels I did.

Ascension City Downtown IV

Ascension City Ascension City Ascension City
Ascension City Downtown IV is a level quite early in the game, so the player is still being introduced to new features and gameplay-mechanics. The first thing the player sees when entering the level is a cluster of hovering mines, something that he will see quite often throughout the game. Later on in the level the player learns how to deactivate the minefields, which he can then use as swingpoints to advance. There are two forced sections where the player must swing on minefields, along with an optional area where the player is rewarded with a secret pickup.

FSA Avenue

FSA Avenue FSA Avenue FSA Avenue
FSA Avenue is the level leading up to the Buraq bossfight. The player is continually assaulted by grunts as he tries to make his way up the street to the FSA building. At the start of the level the player receives the SJMG (aka.machinegun), which comes in handy as the enemy sends in wave after wave of paratroopers to try and stop the player. The fighting culminates in a large fight with two Biomechs just outside of the FSA building. After that the player is free to move on to the bossfight.

Ascension City Garden

Ascension City Garden Ascension City Garden Ascension City Garden
Description soon to come!

Port Anderson II

Port Anderson Port Anderson Port Anderson
Description soon to come here too!

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